Reprasentierender Direktor (CEO):Yoshio Tokuda

Since its conception in 1963, our company has continuously been involved in the forging of brass and other nonferrous metals. Our corporate policy is, and always has been, “Customer satisfaction”. For this reason, from early on, our company has implemented advanced systems from Europe to produce high precision products. Using a bottom-up management approach, we have also enhanced our craftsmen’s skills, through the use of the PDCA cycle, and made daily improvements to the production system. In order to enhance customer satisfaction, we have been working to establish structures that enable us to provide high quality forged products in a faster and more reliable manner, while striving to achieve a goal of “Zero defective products” to minimize post-process problems. “You can rely on Nakano Forging.” “If quality is what you’re looking for, just ask for Nakano Forging.” These are just a few of the comments made by our clients that have made our reputation what it is. We will continue to devote ourselves to meeting the demands of our customers by further improving our skills and technologies.

Nakano Forging Co., Ltd.

Katsuya Tokuda